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About us

A pest control company that values performance, education and environmental protection

An eco-conscious, proactive and committed individual who’s played a big part in the industry’s evolution, Hélène Bouchard founded MBM Gestion parasitaire in 2012. As a technician specialized in pest management herself, she’s one of the few female entrepreneurs to head a company in this type of industry in Canada. Additionally, Mrs. Bouchard is also the vice-president of the Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasiatire (AQGP).

A pioneering enterprise, MBM Gestion parasitaire was one of the first to introduce sustainable pest control solutions in Quebec. The company is also the first of its kind in Canada to have received the Green Pro certification—a true affirmation of our environmentally friendly service! In addition, MBM is recognized for its superior service delivery, as proven by our QualityPro certification—one of the toughest quality audits that exist!

We know that it can sometimes be embarrassing, or even worrisome, to find out you have an infestation problem. Beyond guaranteed results, we like to offer our clients reassurance by helping them understand the source of the problem and providing them with valuable advice to minimize the risk of future occurrences.

We’re your pest control allies, consultants and sidekicks!

Welcome to MBM Gestion parasitaire.

Proud member of the Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasiatire (AQGP)

The AQGP brings together companies and serious industry professionals who are committed to promoting better industry practices. The organization’s primary mission is to ensure that its members are qualified and properly trained. Members of the AQPG play a vital role in protecting Quebecer’s health as well as their public and private assets (e.g. property) by preventing and controlling pest-related problems.

The AQPG has three objectives1:

  • Promote norms and a professional code of practice specific to the pest management industry
  • Promote and disseminate research and technical data via press releases and training workshops
  • Collaborate with government authorities for the benefit of the community and the industry

Source: 1. Association Québécoise de la Gestion Parasiatire

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We offer a tailored approach to pest control to ensure our clients’ safety and optimal satisfaction.