Actions taken by MBM Gestion Parasitaire regarding COVID-19

Actions taken by MBM Gestion Parasitaire regarding COVID-192020-05-11T21:33:38-04:00



Actions taken by MBM Gestion Parasitaire regarding COVID-19

Regarding the COVID-19 situation and following recommendation issued by the government of Quebec, MBM Gestion Parasitaire want to make sure that we take this situation seriously and that our employees, customers and partners’ health and safety are our top priorities. 

Security measures associated have been created for COVID-19

Strict security measures and health protocols have already been put in place to ensure the continuity of our services and the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners.

Therefore, we have implemented measures in accordance with the standards of our HACCP certification and those of the pharmaceutical community to prevent a potential risk of spread of COVID-19 :

  • We continue to provide all of our services and treatments.
  • All of our meetings are held by teleconference and videoconference in order to ensure the continuity of the services and projects in progress.
  • We equipped our employees with a laptop and connected them to our remote access system allowing them to be completely autonomous.
  • We have established specific measures regarding travel restrictions and mandatory isolation.
  • We have strengthened the health protocols already in place at our offices and are educating our employees and technicians on the hygiene measures to adopt for all the equipment used during treatment.
  • We have implemented specific health protocols for Covid -19 and we educate our employees on the hygiene measures to adopt before and after a service.

Rest assured that the entire MBM Gestion Parasitaire team work together to offer quality services while meeting the demands of our customers.

We will not compromise on health and safety, or on the quality of our services to our customers.


Thank you for your trust and your collaboration


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