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Our goal is to identify and find a permanent solution to the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As vigilant pest investigators, nothing gets past us! Throughout the years, we’ve become more and more familiar with indigenous pest varieties commonly observed in specific regions across Quebec. This extensive knowledge base enables us to accurately identify the type of pest you’re facing and suggest a fitting solution to get rid of it for good.

Equipment and technologies for inspection

Our ultraviolet flashlights allow us to detect potential entry points for rodents thanks to urine traces left on floorboards, counter tops and other surfaces that may be invisible to the naked eye. We also use rechargeable, anti-explosive LED flashlights to help us safely breach enclosed spaces.

Telescopic inspection mirrors are particularly useful for inspecting those restricted areas that may be inaccessible to humans but not invading pests.

Inspection cameras are essential tools that allow us to verify areas otherwise impossible to inspect like ventilation ducts, the inside of walls, etc.

Thermal imaging cameras are excellent tools for detecting heat loss, providing hints as to where insects or other pests may be entering by. They also help us detect the presence of mammals in places like attics, chimneys, etc.

We use stethoscopes to detect insect or rodent nests that may be present within walls.

The LightsOut Lab-In-A-Bag kit is an excellent tool to test for bedbugs. Seeing as these pests have developed a resistance to certain commercial pesticides, the kit was designed to help exterminators choose the most effective insecticides and methods of treatment to safely eliminate the problem.

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