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Exclusive products and an innovative approach

After leading thousands of exterminations, we noticed that numerous homeowners, property managers and business owners often struggle with odour problems around their home or place of business. In light of this, we added odour control to our portfolio of expertise to better serve your needs.

RV MBM is a 100%-organic enzyme-based product sold exclusively by our company, MBM Gestion parasitaire. The way it works is simple: the enzymes decompose the chemical substances that cause bad odours and, in addition to neutralizing the smell, the product cleans and liquefies odorous matter.

RV MBM is one of the most effective eco-friendly products for odour control currently available on the market.

If you aren’t satisfied after just one week, we’ll offer you a full refund (certain restrictions apply).

Cleaning of waste disposal systems

For the cleaning of waste containers, garbage disposal rooms and degreasing zones, we use the MBM Concentrate, a biodegradable cleaning product that contains no traces of phosphate or caustic matter. Extremely safe for the environment, this water-soluble product is non-toxic, odour-free, non-corrosive and fully synthetic. Trainings on the proper use of our cleaning products and the right techniques for cleaning waste disposal systems are available on request.

Installation of feminine hygiene receptacles

We offer installation and maintenance of feminine hygiene receptacles for your place of business or public washroom. Our services include switching used bags, adding powdered enzymes for odour control, etc. More sanitary models that require no contact are also available.

Installation of automated air fresheners

We install automated air fresheners to control bad odours in public spaces, communal areas, bathrooms, entryways, offices, garbage chutes, etc.

Need help fighting odours? We offer comprehensive services for:

  • Daycare centres

  • Senior residences

  • Hospitals and healthcare centres

  • Multi-unit residential buildings

  • Restaurants and hotels

  • Sports centres

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