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(predatory insects)

A unique parasite management approach that’s safe for the environment

MBM Gestion parasitaire is one of the few businesses in Quebec to offer biological organic parasite management services to eradicate certain types of parasites. Simple, effective and extremely safe, this 100%-organic approach uses a predatory insect to eliminate the existing pest. Once the former has completely invaded the later’s territory, both colonies take each other out and disappear from your property.

The organic parasite management is winning in popularity over the years in the pest management industry. It’s already established naturally in our ecosystem since some insects participate in it without us being aware.  This way, insects contribute to pest control and keep the population stable.

While the use of live organisms to combat pests is a relatively new and revolutionary approach in the pest management industry, the practice has been employed for several years in related industries like horticulture and livestock breeding. For example, an aphid invasion located in your garden could be controlled with a ladybug army.

Organic and biological pest control complies with governmental regulations and meets Green Pro certification standards.



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